Computer will turn on, does not display video or give any beep codes

Hello all!

I have a system here I built about 5+ years ago. A few months ago, it stopped wanting to turn on and boot. It would light up (the LEDs) and the fans would spin for about a second, then it would shut off. It would always do this no matter what I tried (not even switching out the PSU {actually it wouldn't do anything at all with a known working PSU}).

I went ahead though and tested the PSU with a multimeter and PSU tester. Even with it out of the case and under no load, it would switch on then shut itself off. I replaced the PSU anyways due to this with a known working PSU. As stated before, nothing would happen at all. I didn't really have much time to work on it though, so I put it up for awhile (it's been a month or so by now) and told myself I'd look at it later when time permitted.

Well, today I took it out and plugged it back up to test. This time, for some reason, it would turn on (and stay on). When I say this though, I just mean that the LEDs are on, the HDDs spin up, and the fans spin up as well. However, there is no video output on the dedicated graphic card (known to be working), and no beep codes indicating any error. Even barebones (nothing but CPU, mobo, and PSU plugged in), nothing happens. I even tested the speaker to make sure it works (it does).

Thus far, I've done the barebones test, cleared the CMOS, hard reset, replaced CMOS battery, drained the caps....blugh. Am I looking at a bad mobo?
Is there any other tests you guys would suggest me doing before I replace the mobo?

Here are the system specs:

Custom Build
AMD Athlon 64 5200+
DDR2-800 G.Skill 2Gx2
GeForce GTX 550 Ti
BlueStar 650W
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  1. just get new parts CPU/MoBo/RAM cost like $250 for them $200 for MoBo(get cheapest/close to $100 AM3+ MoBo) and CPU(FX 6300) and $50 for RAM
  2. Anyone else have any suggestions pertaining to possibly fixing the system?

    I will more than likely buy a new system anyways, but I would really prefer to possibly save this system anyways. I could always use it for something.
  3. I'll take the silence as a no.
    Well, this
  4. I know this thread is old and dead, but I am now having the same issue. I was cleaning up my cables and it decided not to work. I'm helpless. It seems like this issue is common with ASUS motherboards.
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