First build... PLZZ HELP!

Hello, I wish to build a gaming pc but unfortunately i'm on a tight budget of around 30,000 INR which is around 550 USD. My budget includes the cash for the monitor and keyboard. Please do tell me which parts will be compatible and which will be the best combination for my build. Any part suggestions are welcome as long as the product is available on The parts I have shortlisted are as follows :
Keyboard -

Monitor -

Motherboard 1 -

Motherboard 2 -

Processor 1 -

Processor 2 -

RAM 1 -

RAM 2 -

RAM 3 -

RAM 4 -

Optical Drive 1 -

Optical Drive 2 -

Case -



Thank you!!
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  1. What is your overall budget and primary use?

    First off I wouldn't choose either motherboard. Go with H77 or Z75.

    And then for RAM it's better to get 2 x 4GB instead of 1 x 8GB.

    Also the A10-5800K won't work with either motherboard you've chosen. If that's the route you're going you will need a socket FM2 motherboard.
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