Streaming 720p(atleast) computer specs

Hello, I am looking for some help around computer specs and whats necessary to perhaps upgrade to stream atleast 720p.
My current specs are:
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 265 Processor, 3300 Mhz,
Graphics card: AMD 5770 Radeon
4GB Ram
I currently have a download and upload speed of 120mbit/s and up so I guess it's only the computer that's going to be an issue. (I would like some ideas on a well-priced and good graphic card and CPU - IF NECESSARY)
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  1. here's what i have (i stream 720p)
    3570k clocked to 4.2ghz
    24 gbs memory
    gtx 560ti classified

    I stream league of legends fine with this set up (still not 100% smooth when i have stream turned off but still good)

    streaming league of legends:

    with stream off i get roughly 300-350 fps very smooth game play
    with stream on i get roughly 100-130 fps still smooth game play but noticeably choppier than with stream off

    streaming requires lots of cpu power rather than gpu power so if your graphics card is good enough for your games, then you don't need to change that. the only thing you need to change is the cpu and motherboard to get GOOD STREAMING and i'd suggest more ram too
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  2. So I need to upgrade my CPU pretty much and perhaps some ram memory? I tried to stream earlier but my fps went down from being 60 at all points to about 20-45 and it was kind of terrible, but will that fix by upgrading cpu?
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  3. if you're going to switch to an intel cpu then you need to swap out the motherboard too and yea i think you should get more ram 4gb isn't really enough for anything nowadays unless all you use is notepad
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  4. Aren't there any decent amd cpu's out there so i wouldnt have to swap motherboard?
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  5. Since I don't have quite alot of money I don't want to change unnecessary things
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  6. if you just want to upgrade the cpu then you need to know which motherboard you have to check if the cpus are compatible
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  7. Thanks alot dude really appreciate it, but to stream in good quality i'll just need a new cpu and maybe some ram?
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  8. do you know what model your motherboard is?
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  9. ehm, not quite sure at the moment i could try to look it up
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  10. Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A87TD/USB3 Rev 1.xx
    Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 1005 08/24/2010
    This is what i got from some sorta program showing ur computer components
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  11. ideally you'd want an FX or A chip to stream nicely but your motherboard doesn't support FX and A chips
    you can maybe try this processor
    but i don't know how well you'll be able to stream with it
    this person has that processor but overclocked 3.7ghz and it looks like he can stream 720p ~25 fps on league
    that person also has the same processor but stock clock speed and runs like 25-30fps on WoW

    I'm not an AMD person but it looks like that's your only option if you can only switch processors

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  12. But with 25fps you would lag kind of badly, no?
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  13. Or is it the stream fps that's 25fps?
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  14. stream fps will be whatever you set it to stream at (so people see 30 fps if you set it at that) but the actual video you see will drop to ~25fps
    so basically what they see is your 25fps but if your game runs at above 30 fps then the stream will cap at 30 fps
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  15. Can i do live stream at 720p My pc Specs i5 3470 8gb ram gtx 550ti tell me can i do live stream??
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