Nvidia sli issues please help

hi guys i jus sli gtx 670 and my performance is really bad except few games such as battlefield and mafia 2, bad games are such as crysis 2 assassins creed 3 but thats known. the question i wanna ask is do i have to use the nvidia sli inspector or the do i have to tweak the game from nvidia control panel manage 3d settings? cuz when i play crysis i get like 70-95 but its not stabel as soon as i go outside of buildings it drops to 50fps which i can run that with one card and outside looks really bad the anti aliasing is broken i donno why and everything is at ultra this how it looks in mafia 2 game also so i donno what to do i never used sli i before
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  1. Well what are the rest of your system specs?
    What resolution?
  2. i5 750 4.0ghz
    8gb ram 1600mhz
    cm 750w psu
    1tb hdd
    gtx 670 evga and a pny signuter edition
    asus rog motherboard
    tx2420t 1080p display
  3. Well that's pretty easy - your processor is bottlenecking you. Upgrade your processor and motherboard to an i5-3570k and a z77 mobo, and you'll be golden.
  4. u telling me my processor is bottlenecking my cards ? are u nuts man its a true quad core 4.0ghz theres noo way its bottlenecking my performance i jus chaged the sli rendering mode to force alternative rendering 2 and its almost perfect now lol
  5. sorry but your processor is the weak link, you will need a new generation i5 to take full advatange of your cards.

    To prove this you need msi afterburner or Evga Precision and monitor your gpu usage, I am betting usage will only be around 50% on both cards, since your cpu cannot feed your GPU's fast enough.

    an i5 2500k at 4.5Ghz is more than enough to power you system
  6. i have the evga precision x and it shows around 97% utilization in bf3. mafia 2, heaven benchmark, and crysis around 50-80% and its not utilizing it well in assassins creed either so i dono whats wrong with it i know the weak link is the processor but 4.0ghz quadcore should be more than enough in gaming scenarios
  7. redeemer said:
    Well what are the rest of your system specs?
    What resolution?

    i see that u have 2 gtx 680s are you using the program settings and if u do some games it says NVidia recommended(sli) and sometimes (custom) do I have to change anything then or leave it to be
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