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I recently had to format my system and re-install windows 7 64x home premium. Afterwards I successfully installed every driver except the graphics driver. I went to the AMD website and used the auto detection tool to get the driver for my card. It installed some 6570m/5700 driver and it has been causing serious fps issues in games I never experienced before. My old driver was ati hd 5850 and said so under the device management tool. Anyhow I am not sure where to get the old drivers at as AMD has seriously screwed up the new one.
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  1. I'm not quite sure that the newer AMD Catalyst drivers will work with mobility Radeon GPUs, but I would give it a shot. Just Google AMD Catalyst Driver and download it.
  2. I am saying that the new drivers work but have tons of problems gaming. Massive drops in FPS and glitchy movement in D3, aion, far cry. I did not have these issues before, should have copied the old driver. Still can't remember where I got it either.
  3. Do I need to flash the card to get the correct driver download? I went to dell's website and for m15x, win7 64x it had two separate files for hd5850. The first was a flash and the second a driver. I have not flashed anything yet but did try to install the driver and it install 5730 and not the 5850. Any help on how to get the 5850 installed would be great.
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