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Microcenter is running some really good specials right now so I am going to build a rig. Prices are the same for both processors and come with a $50 credit towards motherboard. They are also running specials on ballistix memory (good brand)? The usage will be for most to least file backup, media streaming, occasional gaming (not too demanding, Starcraft 2). It will be using a flat screen tv as a monitor and home theater speakers.

I really don't want to upgrade this PC for atleast 4-5 years except maybe the graphics card. I have a 4870 and copy of Win 7 lying around that I will use for now. Probably will buy a 7850 or 7770 depending on price very soon.

All things equal based on usage, which should I get? I do not intend to use the HD 4000 graphics.

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  1. When do you see the performance gain of the extra 4? cores of the 6300 come into play over the i3?
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    When you do heavy CPU work like encoding. But you didn't list that. If you are just playing media files and the occasional game, then I'd get the 3225. Reason being that it has a lower TDP. Which means you'll need less electricity and cooling. Helps to hear quiet parts of movies if your case isn't trying to cool a 95/125W CPU.
  3. whenever you play multiplayer, the 6300 will win in games such as bf3
  4. Would it just be better to skip the graphics card and get an i5? If so, can hd 4000 play 720p and 1080p well? Does it have HDCP?
  5. the hd4000 graphics will play cod at high settings at 1080p. in other words, it kinda sucks big time
  6. Buying a high end CPU for gaming and not buying a GPU is like buying a gun with no bullets.
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