7770, 7770 ghz ed, or gtx 650?

Im building a computer and I am trying to pick between a gtx 650, or a 7770/7770 ghz ed. Would these be suitable to run a game like planetside 2, metro, or bf3 on med or high graphics. I am willing to spend a bit more money for a graphics card that will last longer, use less energy, and most importantly perform. If I can save money on a gpu without compromising my performance, I might go for that. Anything would help, thanks.
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  1. Hi. What's your budget and resolution?
  2. I am willing to spend 150 or a bit more on a gpu, and on ps2 I play on 1600 by 900 I think, if not then I play a decently high resolution
  3. The GTX650 (non Ti) is not all that great. A 7770 should perform quite a bit better.

    Also, all 7770's are Ghz editions. As all 7770's have clock speeds of 1Ghz or higher.

    If you want to spend $110 - $130 the 7770 is the best card in that range. If you want to spend $140 - $160 the GTX 650 Ti is the best card.

    My 7770 (1250 core / 1275 memory) runs all games @ 1080p on high settings with reduced AA at 30 FPS or better.
  4. If you could bump your price range up to about $170, you could have a 7850 1GB which will wipe the floor with both the 650 Ti and the 7770.
  5. Or you can go with the HD 7850 1GB if you can get one for $150 after rebate or HD 7850 2GB for $175 after rebate.
  6. So are you saying the GTX 650 ti (I forgot to put the ti in)would be better, because at tiger direct I can get one for 110, so if it is better, I will go with that one. At the same website I can get a GTX 650 ti 2gb for 150, but for $10 more I cn get a 7850 1gb, should I go for the 7850, or the gtx with more GDDR5?
  7. If you prefer Nvidia, then go with the GTX 650 Ti cause the next one is the GTX 660 at about $200.
  8. johnsonjohnson said:
    If you prefer Nvidia, then go with the GTX 650 Ti cause the next one is the GTX 660 at about $200.

    I don't have a preference when it comes to gpu's, all I want is my performance
  9. In that case the most performance for $150 is the HD 7850 1GB or a bit more for 2GB at $175 (I've also seen the GTX 660 for close to the price too). But if your resolution is less than 1080p, then you'll be fine with with the HD 7850 1GB. Whatever card you decide to go with make sure you have a quality PSU with sufficient power and cables.
  10. Unless you were referring to the regular GTX 650 (non Ti) the cheapest 650 Ti I can find on Tiger is $139.99 after rebate and on Newegg the cheapest 650 Ti is $134.99 with no rebate.

    As for a 2GB GTX 650 Ti, it's not really fast enough to use the extra memory so it's kinda pointless. There may be a very slight benefit at high resolutions but nothing that will come close to overcoming the performance gap to a 1GB 7850.
  11. My brother use GTX 650 ti with pentium G860 in 1440x..?(i forgot) resolution. It perform well. 650 ti is very comfortable card as long you don't use it with higher resolution like 1080p.
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