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I am looking for the best video card to use 3, 32" led tv's in an office environment where the same information is displayed on 2 tv/monitors and then the 3rd tv/monitor will only be seen by me for costumer privacy. 2 of the displays will be for me and my customers working environment and will have the same information displayed while the 3rd is for my in process research that that my customer cannot see. I would like to use hdmi or dvi.
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  1. You can get a HD 7850 or HD 7770 and plug in two cables one cable going to your private monitor and other to a one dvi to 2dvi adaptor then two cables will emerge from that adaptor going to the TVs with same video being displayed.
    An adaptor like this will do. http://dx.com/p/dvi-60-pin-to-2-dvi-24-5-pin-1-to-2-cable-for-high-end-video-cards-23cm-length-13208
  2. Or get any GPU and an intel motherboard with integrated graphics and plug two monitors into the GPU and one into the motherboard
  3. for setting up 3 monitors for office purpose...you could go for the hd7770.
    setting up a daisy chain would be easier for you i believe,but you will need to use the display port for that.

    i don't think dvi ti 2 dvi adapter will support 2 32" monitors since both will at least be 1080p and dvi does not support resolutions more than 2560 x 1600
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