ASUS 7870 vs Gigabyte 7870

Which one runs coolest and which one is better for overclocking? The Gigabyte one has 3 fans "Windforce 3X" cooler and the ASUS has "DirectCU II" Cooler, so which one is better?

The Gigabyte is $249 and the ASUS is $265.

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  1. IMHO the Asus is the better card hence why I'm running 2x DCii cards.
  2. IMHO the Gigabyte cooler is overrated. Its loud, and rather inefficient considering it has three fans. Even Sapphire's Dual X (Two fans) beat the Gigabyte cooler with three fans on the 7970. People seem to think more fans is more cooling performance, this is clearly proven wrong in Gigabytes 7970/680 Superclock models. The card is massive, loud, heavy, and has a terrible cooler.

    The asus cooler is fantastic, like I've seen one in action, and there was basically no noise change from one idling to one in load. It gives you alot of headroom to increase voltages, as the cooler is much better.
  3. gigabyte card is bad...go for the asus direct cu II top is a much better card for oc ing...coz it has great vrm
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