Next upgrade?

ok so by the end of the summer I want to upgrade my PC but im having trouble on deciding what part to upgrade.

current specs:
i5 3470
msi h77
xfx 6870 1gb
g skill 8gb ram
550w 80+ psu
samsung 24" 60Hz 5ms (gtg) monitor

im leaning towards the gpu or monitor. if i get a new gpu i want it to be able to run bf4 and amra 3 at 60fps on ultra. if i upgrade the monitor then a 120hz probably.
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  1. Without knowing what you do or find lacking hard to say. Probably the GPU.
  2. sorry about that purely gaming with the ability to run the latest games at 60fps on max
  3. GPU for sure then.
  4. If you upgrade a monito at 120hz, then your gpu will gives you really really bad fps. So same with, 4745454b, upgrade the gpu, get one gtx 660ti or hd 7870 would be fine.
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    GPU with more VRAM. Unless you wish to stick with Radeon, grab a Geforce 650 Ti or 660 Ti.
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  7. But avoid the 650TI. Isn't really better then the card you already have.
  8. probalby the 7950 or 7970
  9. My rule has always been get the best display you can afford, its what you will be looking at and playing on the entire time. Then GPU is second most important then CPU on down. By the end of Summer the new 8000 series AMD cards will be coming soon, as well as Nvidia's 700 series. I would wait and see whats in the works by July then decide. Until then save up you're money, it will be worth it.
  10. can you recommend a good and cheap 120hz monitor
  11. I believe the other rumors. No cards until the end of the year. That's a long time to wait if you aren't happy with your GPUs performance.
  12. its fine for now im just planning on upgrading for the newer games and the ability to run it on ultra.
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