Geforce GTX 560 2GB worth it

I found a deal for the EVGA - GeForce GTX 560 2GB OC edition.
Core Clock: 865MHz

Is it worth it to buy for $125??
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  1. yes
  2. Not worth it, you will only end up wasting $125 on a previous generation card.

    Rather save and spend a bit more to get a current generation card e.g. 660/7850/660ti/7870 etc.
  3. Yes get new gen card.better performer than that.
  4. Guys, at $125, that's actually a sweet deal. I'll say yes
  5. go with a 660 ti or higher a 660 ti is alot better then a 560 and a 660 i had a 660 ti 2gb played cod and bf3 and more games really good its a really good card if u dont want to spent 400 or more on one try this
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