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XFX Radeon HD 7770 Core Edition on a 500W 12V 20A PSU

Hi guys!

First time on the forums! Anyway, I was wondering if my XFX Radeon HD 7770 Core Edition will we able to run on my PSU.

I just bought this case at Fry's and it came with a PSU (the Cooler Master TC-101B) and the power supply is a Thermal Master rated at 500W. The 12V rail is at 20A. I also have a i5-3470 and a SATA Hard Drive, CD Drive and Network Card.

So will it run? Thanks!!!
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  1. Cooler master are bad for psus.hd 7770 has tdp of it will work.but if you can return that psu then return it and get psu like corsair,antec,seasonic.
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    the 7770 will run without any problems.but your psu is not the best quality...try and exchange it for something better.look out for at least 80 plus bronze.
  3. Thank you!!!!! I'll get a new PSU ASAP!
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