ASUS M2A-VM HDMI cpu fan not spinning no boot

So I have had this old PC minus the case/ps sitting around for a year or so (packed in anti-static bags). It was in working order previously, but then I took it apart to ship when moving overseas. I finally got round to getting a power supply and case and tried to get the thing up and running.

When connecting all the wires up, I initially missed out the 4-pin ATX 12V power connection. When I tried to boot I got the LED on and fans spinning but no sounds, no boot.

I went back to the manual and saw the missing 4-pin ATX. Unfortunately my new PS only has 6/8 pin cables. I found it stated in several forums that you can split the 8 pin cable to supply a 4-pin socket. The first 4 pins fit fine and appear well seated, but now when I try to boot I get led but no fan and no boot.

Do I need to get a molex to 4-pin adapter or does this indicate some other problem?
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  1. Which power supply and motherboard do you have?
    It seems very odd that if you have an ATX 12V connector (pretty standard) on the motherboard, you have a PSU without one as most have that connector.
  2. The mobo is an ASUS M2A-VM HDMI. I gave away the old case/power supply when I moved. I just grabbed a cheap case and a corsair VS450 ATX power supply, didn't think to check the cables when buying. I think it is just that 4 pin is old. Most new mobos have 6 or 8 pin so new power supply doesn't match.
    Whole thing is home built. I actually had to switch out the power supply once before as it got fried. I seem to remember an adapter, I guess it got lost during the move.
  3. Actually, your question helped me solve this. Basically an I/O error
    I went back and looked at the PS box and realized that 8-pin ATX12V connector and 6/8-pin PCI-E connector are 2 different things. I had been connecting the PCI-E cable. Connected the first 4 pins of 8-pin ATX12V cable and all is working. Booted successfully, so the old girl has survived a long journey ! :D
  4. Glad you figured it out!
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