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Help on MSI 7870 Temps?

Hey guys. I have an MSI 7870 twin frozr III. The idle temps avg around 32 degrees C, while load is around 48. The load temp is fine but is the idle temp too high?
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  1. Increase the fan speed in the catalyst control center under overdrive section. Are you sure that the air flow in your case is not obstructed somehow.
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    32 degree idle temperature is fine...nothing to be alarmed about. Just because load temps are below 50 don't expect idle temps to be below 20...that won't happen.
  3. ^ +1.

    Those are normal temps. Excellent even if you ask me
  4. Yeah those are great temps.
  5. 48 degrees C under load? Those are outstanding temps! 32C for idle temps for the 7000 series is completely normal.
  6. Alright thanks a lot guys! I appreciate all of the replies.
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