Computer stopped turning on Please HELP!

Hey guys so I built my first computer just under a month ago (HURRAY!) but it just stopped working =(

I had been using it today, put it to sleep and went to shower. When i came back it was off and wouldn't turn on. Now when i say won't turn on, when i turn the PSU off or unplug it then hit the power button, all the fans turn on for 1/2 a second, just enough to get powering up but then are stopped by the time that 1/2 second has stopped. I replaced the PSU (a 500w with a 750w this past Thursday but it has worked fine - besides that the other components were the original I put together).

So I am completely new to this, what/how should i go about troubleshooting this?
Few things to mention:
The extra cords are hanging out of my case until i get twist ties, not glamorous but didnt want to stuff them in the way of my intake fan, they weren't touching anything metal, just on my wooden desk
I haven't had any issues with it at all, it all went together then worked the first time - I'd suspect the PSU was the issue but it does give power if only for a split second.

I have a Corsair 750w PSU, a Radeon HD 7750 GPU, 1 Hardrive, 1 optical drive, a quad core 3.8ghz CPU, and a here is the URL to my motherboard because I don't know what to reference it as:

I am not freaking out just yet, but would really appreciate some input/help.
Thank you so much
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  1. So, the new PSU stopped the problems?
  2. Sounds like the power supply was the culprit here. Good job trouble shooting. Low-end power supplies plague systems with issues. Strong power supplies are the backbone to a strong system, and it looks like you've learned that very important lesson!
  3. What would you guys suggest if you agree and it is probably the PSU? it was running fine on 500w before so it should be enough, and Corsair is suppose to be pretty good I thought
  4. Not sure what you mean. You said you changed the PSU and everything is fine now. Do you need to return that PSU or something? If its working currently, what suggestions could you be looking for? If it ain't broke, don't fix it... Ya know?
  5. No I don't think the PSU is working fine. I put a new one in the other day (3 days ago) and today it stopped working. That is why I think the PSU is the problem, b/c I think the new one I replaced it with just went out and died, the fan should turn on with it right, the intake fan?
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    Yes the fan should turn on. Seems weird that the corsair fried itself so quickly, but it is an electronic part so stranger things have happened. If it worked for 3 days and then the PSU fan won't turn on when you try to start the PC, then you have another faulty PSU which you would need to re-replace it. For the system you have, a quality 450 watt would do just fine. Another corsair, antec, seasonic, thermaltake... Those are the brands I'd stick with, not necessarily in that order.

    Note: This is all assuming all cables are fully seated in their respective connectors.
  7. Yeah I pulled the PSU out of the case, plugged everything back in (but this time upside down so i could watch the fan, it never spun) So it is safe to say that it just burned out? I think i might downgrade to a 600W, less cables and I think that is what I had at first, or a 500w either way I think I just got an unlucky Corsair. It wouldn't have anything to do with I was using say 450ish wats not the full 750? i bought in in anticipation of upgrading?
  8. No, having more power than you need would never cause an issue. And as I said earlier, any good quality 450 watt or more would power your system. Just fine.
  9. Ok thanks for your help and your patience, I think I'll just return the 750W and get a smaller one like I had before, then it takes care of cable management issues and I get a new PSU.
    Once again thank you for your help, it has helped ease my stress on this one a lot
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  11. Glad I could help! And welcome to the world of tinkering! It's awesome, even if its frustrating at times!
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