7850 1gb or 7850 2gb?

Hi, I pretty much decided I want to go for the 7850 because I'm only running 1 monitor at 1080p that is 60hz. Meaning I don't need anything above 60fps and the 7850 seems perfect based on benchmarks I've seen. Problem is I'm not sure if i should go with the 1gb version or the 2gb version. Some people say there's no real point in the 2gb unless your using like a 7870 or better and higher than 1080p. Others say that some games like Skyrim that have a texture pack can benefit from the 2gb even at 1080p. So do I get the 7850 1gb or 2gb? (price difference is about 40-60 dollars). Also I'm not sure If i should go for the

Saphire http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5273329&CatId=7387

Or the

XfX Core Ed.


Thank you,
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  1. If you have some extra bucks the 2GB is worth it. You won't see performance boost without AA but you can apply AA or some higher textures with ease (newer titles seems to really eat up VRAM quickly: BF3, FC3, Hitman). Some 2GB version can be found lower than $200. Check prices on Newegg as well
  2. Think u r self before buy : I have more money so i am buy anything (or) I can spend $50 to get extra 2fps in only one game its worth for me.
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