GeForce GT 610 GC 2GB and AMD Radeon HD 7660D

So I bought the AMD A10-5800k trinity 3.8ghz and it's a APU with the AMD Radeon HD 7660D. I also have a spare GeForce GT 610 GC 2GB. I've heard you cant run crossfire with these two. So is there anyway to have both running? If not, which is better to use? Thanks :)
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  1. Just use the onboard 7660d
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    Just use the onboard 7660d

    It's better than 2gb of ddr3? alright haha
  3. There is some ability to do this on Intel platforms

    And I think there are ways to get both GPUs working, but only separately, not coordinated in any way to get better performance.

    So, as Outlander says, just stick with the APU.
  4. Quote:
    At the bottom of the 600 series retail stack is the GeForce GT 610, which is a rebadge of the GT 520. This means it’s either a GF119 GPU or cut-down GF108 GPU featuring a meager 48 CUDA Cores and a 64bit memory bus, albeit with a low 29W TDP as a result. This is truly a rock bottom card meant to be a cheap as possible upgrade for older computers, as even an Ivy Bridge HD4000 iGPU should be able to handily surpass it.
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