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I have made 2 previous posts on graphics card but i came across this so i thought i should make a new post.

I searched on Youtube some gameplay on this graphics card, it can run majority of games in Max settings whilst recording.

I would like to know if there are any better cards out there for the money? Also would you recommend this to a budget gamer like me?

I have an Win Power ATX 450w PSU - I should have no problem running it.

Please reply asap,
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  1. Well I would say you should be okay, but not sure on the quality of the Win Power PSU. A quality PSU at 450w would easily power a 7850 or probably even the 7870 GPU. The 7750 doesn't require any additional power from the PSU (aside from the 75w supplied from the mobo PCI-e slot). I wouldn't say the 7750 is a screamer of a GPU, but it does well for most things.
  2. Hd 7750 is very good card ideal for 1366* can max out most of the games.
  3. Alright thanks for the help. I know it's not the best graphics card but it will do for majority games i play. I may just save up for the 7870 or the 7770.
  4. The 7870 will need a decent PSU (not sure that the Win Power is good enough). The 7770 will need at least 1 x 6 pin PCI-e power connector and I'm pretty sure your PSU doesn't have one, so you will need to upgrade the PSU before buying the 7700 or 7870.
  5. I currently use a Nvidia Geforce Gt 240 @ DDR3 1GB

    Well i was thinking about going for this PSU:

    Any good? It has the 1 x 6 pin PCI-e.
  6. 7750 running games on max while recording with fraps will run out of steam. you will need atleast a 7850 for that
  7. OCZ is okay, their higher end stuff is pretty good, but their cheaper priced PSU's are okay. I prefer Antec/Corsair/Seasonic/PCP&C PSU's.

    What GPU were you thinking of getting?
  8. Hmm i just looked at the Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 @ 1gb - DDR5

    Runs ultra graphics on most games and has good FPS with Fraps recording.

    Link me to a decent price for an PSU with the brands you suggested above?

    Max 500w PSU, it should be able to handle the 7770 :)

  9. Corsair CX500, would be enough.
  10. Alright thanks
  11. Corsair CX 430, Antec VP450P, Corsair CX 500, & XFX 500w Pro Series are all good ones to consider.

    Link to Amazon page with all PSU listed above. Any of them on the page will do well, except the small form factor PSU's.
  12. FSP or Chieftec. 430W will be enough. Never had any problems with this vendors.
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