Workstation for game developement: gtx670 or AMD 7970?

Hello to everyone, this is my first post.
Sorry in advance for my bad english because i'm italian.

Anyway, i'm going to buy a new workstation aimed to game developement. I've only one doubt: GTX 670 or AMD 7970?

I'll use it mainly for 3D modeling/texturing/lightmapping/game prototype building with Softimage, zbrush/3D coat, unity and xNormal.

I've read some topic about the comparison between the two cards and AMD seems to be better but, if i'll go for 7970 i lose CUDA that will help me in some rendering/simulation tasks.

Could anybody help me to choose the best solution for my situation?

Thanks in advance

Take care
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  1. If you are not aiming to play games on that system I'd say get a nVidia quadro or a AMD Firepro card. I personally like quadro better.
  2. Thanks for the reply! You are right, but i think that professional cards are too expensive in therms of quality/price.
  3. Will the majority of tasks you're going to do are dependent on CUDA? Cause if not the 7970 will give you everything you need.
  4. Not all the tasks, but none the software i use (maybe there is an exception for adobe cs6) have open CL really GTX 670 a piece of crap compared to 7970?
  5. They're both strong cards.
    The 7970 is generally a better performer, but if you need CUDA then the 670 is the way to go.

    Basically it comes down to how much you value/plan to use CUDA.
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