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I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 8. The problem is that everything is restricted to my account which is the administrator. I can't even change the time on the clock. I cant open control panel. I cant explore the C drive. Everything I do tells me it is restricted and to contact my administrator.
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  1. Hi, sorry to hear about you're problem. A real bummer. When you uopgraded, was it via a download or a clean install?

    Are there any other user accounts on the PC?
  2. Via download. No other users.
  3. Hmm. Interesting. Okay, have you considered a clean install, or is too much of a hassle? If there is a setting somewhere or a block or conflicting drivers, you know the sort of thing, then a clean install would get rid of it.

    Is the PC a branded (Off the shelf) PC, or have you built it yourself? Has it had any previous owners? Has it been borrowed from a college/university etc?
  4. Trying to avoid a clean install.

    I built it myself. Never had any other account but the one and always been administrator. UAC is not on by the way.
  5. Sorry for late reply! was on my lunch break. back to work! Now where were we?

    Right, If a clean install is not an option, then maybe try some quick fixes. Have you got any antivirus/antimalware/antispyware software installed? Is windows defender on? Windows Firewall? Have you run a defrag or disk cleanup recently? Try uninstalling programs you dont want/use. download and run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and AVG free if you dont already have them. Uninstall old drivers and make sure you dont have any conflicting drivers. Try all this because sometomes there could just be one file, or one virus that F**ks everything up for you. lol
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