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I already posted one in cpu's, so I'm obviously very new. I'm building a computer soon, my first. I'm considering using the hard drive from my current dell. It's got win2k installed, and it's the only hard drive I have. (will soon have external firewire drive, but that's not the issue.) If I use this drive to build my new computer, will I need to format it and reinstall win2k again? (I'd have to buy it again, I think, cause Dell OS's check for manufacturer. so, I might have to go with XP.) OR, can I just pop it in and let the os figure out the changes?
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  1. Marginally, it should work...
    However, I would recommend reinstalling the OS after such a big change.

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  2. Your hard drive is full of data pertaining to your old system hardware. I tried this and it didn't work. Bets option is to either make a backup of your data or copy it to another partition on the hard drive.

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