Should I buy a new PC or Upgrade for Planetside 2

Hello everyone, I've built my past 3 Computers but I've kind of been out of the loop the past 4 years.

Alright so here are my current PC Specs:

Power Supply: Some 750W one
Ram: 8GB
CPU: i7 920 @ 2.67
Graphics Card: ASUS GTX560ti

Now I was wondering if I upgrade my Graphics card to a 670 and get water cooling and overclock my cpu to 4Ghz(saw someone do this during beta), will I be able to play at Ultra with Physx at at least 60fps? If not, is there any other upgrades that would? At the moment at Ultra settings with physx I get 25-40fps in non-combat areas and 5-15fps(and crash). I also notice that the cpu/ram widget on windows says about 28% CPU usage and 70+% RAM, do I need more RAM?

Here is what my current rig can do

I'm Noticing that the FPS almost always says GPU so I assume that it's my graphics card holding me back.

If I need to build a new PC, then what should be in it to run Planetside 2 around 80-120fps at Ultra Settings with PhysX enabled?
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  1. Just upgrade the gpu for the 670 gtx, i recommend a non reference one like the msi pe, asus dcii, gigabyte windforce 3x and evga signature 2.
    You can put the 560 ti as a physX card if that psu with 750W is a decent one.
    If you want to overclock the cpu get an aircooler like the noctua nh-d14 or phanteks.
    You don't need more ram.
  2. My PSU is a Corsair TX750W is that good enough?
  3. It's decent, is it the V1 or V2 ? if it's the V2 it's a seasonic oem psu, but either of the versions will do for the 670 gtx.
  4. Yea a 670 PE is perfect upgrade
  5. Alright then that's what I'll pick up. You guys sure that my CPU is good enough to run the game at max settings? Will I need to overclock it?
  6. You can overclock it with the help of a good aircooler, the cpu you have is still a good one, so what you need is a better gpu, in most cases the cpu won't bottleneck the gpu.
  7. PhysX is currently disabled in planetside 2 and use at your own risk if you enable in the ini, I wouldn't bother with it until they figure it out. The 670 should be able to get you in the 80-120 range in open area's, but I'd still expect to have drops in fps depending on how many people are around you.

    My range with 560ti SLI & i7 3820 is about 40-110 fps, if you overclock your cpu and get a 670 I think you can expect about the same or better. At the moment the game is still very cpu dependent, even though it shows low usage, it's kinda just tossing around the threads, higher clocks will process quicker because it's a DX9 game and not fully optimized yet.
  8. there's going to be so much difference between the 2 cards you probably won't have to over clock. toss the 560 in the closet and forget about it.
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