Intel G41 Express Chipset

Hi there, i have just recently replaced my pc that broke down and was wondering if i was able to upgrade or replace the Intel G41 Express Chipset thats in it with a graphics card or something that will allow me to play something like TERA.

its only the chipset itself thats keeping me from being able to play that game as the rest of my pc apparently meets the requirements, my pc info is...

Intel pentium E6600 dual core (x2) 3.06Ghz 1066FSB
Asus P5G41T-M LX (Intel G41 Express Chipset)
Transcend JetRam DDR3-1333 4Gb (2Gb x2) Dual Channel
Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA3 (SATA2 compatiable)
Foxconn DH-045 stylish micro-ATX - Black with CWT PSU

any help would be appreciated or if need more info i will try find some, Thanks
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  1. well The g41 chip is acctually like the highway the cpu runs on ,and if the highway only goes this fast then thats all it will do..Theres really no way of replacing it aside from getting a newer chipset i think a p45 (if im not mistaken would help )but you are still only running a Duel core so yoou still wont see much of an improvement in games.. Sorry think ts time for new cpu board(chipet) combo.
  2. You can get new graphic card with that g41
  3. Thanks for the quick replys, do you have any suggestions for a new chipset and cpu combo?
  4. Yes, replace to new mobo with Intel 43express Chipset.
  5. If you really want to play some games you will need to upgrade to a dedicated video card.
    consider getting a will instantly see huge performance jump during games.

    and there is no way to replace the chipset of your mainboard other than getting a new mainboard.but even that won't help you much if you don't upgrade to a dedicated gpu
  6. Upgrade Gpu is waste for that mobo reason it has only 1.1version Gpu slot.
  7. Dude please tell your budget for cpu and mobo
  8. around $300
  9. NZD btw, sorry about that
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