Computer turning of and then back on continuously!


I'm currently building a computer and already having issues. Everything is put together properly. When I turned it on the first time, it said "CPU or memory changed!!!..." and after a few seconds of that screen, something made an electrical snap and turned off. I tried powering it on again and it didn't turn on. I tried another PSU and it turned on, but I get no display! It will turn on for a few seconds and then turn off, turn on again, turn off again, and so on. I get no display either.

What's going on???
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  1. im having the same issue but nothing ever showed up on my screen. it just powers on then off and repeat. if u find out ill tell you
  2. ok a few questions here

    1. can you get into the bios?
    2.did you run your video off Ur motherboard
    3.did you try and use a different video card if you ran Ur graphics of your motherboard
    4. was the memory compatible
    5. was the motherboard faulty and was it replaced
    6 the good old fashion question was your power plugged in
  3. it also could be your screen broke try it on another pc
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