Buzzing noise on first build

This is my first build and I often hear this buzzing noise like bzzzzzzzzzzz. If i use my hand to push the the front part of the computer from the top, it stops. Anyone knows whats the cause of it and how to fix it?
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  1. Your disk drive could be a little loose, try re-installing it.
  2. Just re-plugging the cables?
  3. The HDD or DVD drive could be loose. The case could be rattly if its cheap.
  4. No, what i mean is your disk drive might be rattling a little, try making sure it is firmly secured!
  5. I have the rosewill challenger case. Let me make sure the dvd drive is secure
  6. if there a front fan it may be loose or they over tightened the fan and it rubbing..
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