Hello. I built myself a PC a little while ago, and now have some money to upgrade it. I am currently playing games like Battlefield 3, Planetside 2, etc, which are very intensive games. My current rig has a Phenom x6 1045T, and a Radeon HD 7770 in it. I am wondering which will give me a more noticeable upgrade, buying an Intel i5 3570k, a good motherboard and overclocking it to 4.0Ghz and beyond, or buying myself a GTX 670. Thanks.
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  1. Well, on some games, the phenom does pretty well so upgrading to a GTX670 is a good route. On the other hand, some games run quite poorly on AMD CPUs that upgrading to a new platform might be the sensible choice.

    For BF3 though, it almost doesn't matter what CPU you use (I'm talking about single player) since it's a very well coded game and the frostbite 2 engine can utilize up to 8 cores (if I'm not wrong) so I recommend upgrading your video card. You can always OC your CPU later if you feel like it's not performing well enough in some other games (ie. Assassin's Creed 3, which runs quite poorly on AMD CPUs)
  2. I vote for upgrading the GPU. Your CPU is fine, but isn't always the best for some games (shouldn't be too bad though). You can OC your CPU later too, if you feel your starting to drag a bit in games too.
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