Gtx 670 Stuttering issues

Hey guys. I've been having some really bad stuttering issues when playing Assassin Creed 3 and Alan Wake (Highest settings)
anyone knows how to fix this? what settings should I use to the nvidia control panel? Or should I just play the games 2nd highest settings instead? Thx for the help

Graphic Card : Leadtek gtx 670
Mobo: Gigabyte H61m-s1
Cpu : intel i5 3470
monitor : AOC E2260Sw
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  1. How much ram you have?Did you isntall bios version F8 of that mobo?It says improves
    Improve PCIEx16 graphic card compatibility
  2. ya my bios is updated. RAM 8gb kingston 1333mhz
  3. is vsync endabled? and do youhave the latest Nvidia drivers installed?
  4. yup every drive in my computer is up to date. for the vsync i select the adaptive option. should I changed it to on instead?
  5. Turn adaptive vSync off and see if it gets better.
  6. nope it became worst. I tried all of them. On , Off and adaptive. The least tearing effect was to put it on adaptive. Even though it's quiet less tearing than the other 2, it is still noticeable to disturb the gameplay
  7. Do you have any other games to try? Should get 60-ish fps on most multiplayer maps in BF3. X-Com was smooth so didn't look into framerate for it.
  8. I tried other games like WOW, BF3 multiplayer and Red alert 3. None of the games had stuttering issues. I'm just confused why Alan Wake and Assassin Creed 3 have really bad stuttering. All of the games runs 50-60 fps
  9. If your other games are good, I'd say it's a driver issue so keep your eyes open for updates that address those particular games. Could also be that those two are iffy console ports and just don't run well (ie GTA IV).
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