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AMD or Intel Best for gaming?
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  1. overall intel is better.amd is better with integrated gpu

    in gaming intel > amd
  2. ^ +1.

    On almost every price point, if you're using a dedicated video card, it's better to get an Intel cpu for gaming. AMD cpus can be great alternatives if you consider overclocking as well though.
  3. Amd is for oc with low cost ,Intel is for low oc but high cost.
  4. hytecgowthaman said:
    Amd is for oc with low cost ,Intel is for low oc but high cost.

    You got to be kidding right?Intel K series cpus OC like hell.
  5. Both brand CPU's are solid overclockers. Intel is much stronger right now, though AMD is still a viable option for a budget build. AMD's aren't bad CPU's, it's just that Intel right now is putting out some really good hardware and AMD hasn't answered back yet and they problably won't for a long time either.
  6. AMD's FX 4300 and FX 6300 are viable gamers at their price points, but Intel has a clear edge when gaming above those price points.
  7. I wouldn't say intel is ALWAYS better, for example I would way rather an FX 6300 than a i3 3220. Why? The FX 6300 almost matches the single threaded speed, destroys it in multi threaded, can be overclocked, and your socket will support steamroller. So to say intel is ALWAYS better is your opinion. I know you guys didn't say it but quite a few people are.
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