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Any new year update for next gen gpu's?

With the new year has any news about the release of the AMD 8xxx nVidia 7xx come out? Is it still April at the earliest?
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    No news yet..Wait a few months we will hear something then..
  2. no news now wait for 2-3 months
  3. Ok, thanks for the heads up!
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  5. ibjeepr said:
    Ok, thanks for the heads up!

    No problem man and i think its going to be well worth it so if you can hold off on upgrading your gpu. I see alot of people jumping on the ati 7000 gtx 600 series but i think its better to wait and then see if you wanna go with the current or new
  6. I agree, I'm definitely waiting. I sold my 560 TI thinking I was going to buy a 7970 or 660 TI then changed my mind. Wish I had my 560 TI back, this 5870 just doesn't seem as nice but I bought it used so who knows what the last guy did to it.
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