i have dell optiplex 745 mini tower with PSU 305w. note that it is a mini tower. [...] hspecs.pdf
the mini tower
spec as follow:
core 2 duo e6600
3gb ram
asus en 210 silent 1gb ddr3 graphic card iwant to play crysis and some same Games at max settings with full Anti aliasing
but it is not possible to play such games at max settings with such graphic card.i seen on the waeb that it is the amd gd 6670 that
my psu support.
So i made my mind to buy a amd hd 6670 1gb gddr5.
Is there any benifets by this upgrade?
if not then any suggestion will be appreciated.
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  1. Well the 6670 is a big step up from what you have but it's nowhere close to maxing demanding games with AA.

    Any card that would do that would also need a new power supply and cost at least $250, unless you're playing on some super low resolution. Such a card would also not pair well with your CPU, which is old.

    Truth is if you want to be maxing out new games, you need a new rig :(
  2. I highly doubt you will be able to play modern games at max settings, considering that the gfx card you plan to buy is not very powerful, and the rest of your rig will bottleneck. You might be able to get playable fps on low to medium settings.
  3. Yes you will see a pretty big difference with that upgrade but don't expect to max any games out, your system is outdated.,3107-7.html

    The 6670 is 15 tiers above the 210.
  4. You need a new rig to play games with all eye candies on. The best VGA you can get is 7750 but your PSU might not handle it. Even if you get better VGA your CPU is way underpowered. So start saving for new rig :)
    Your First step would be mid tower so you can move out of that miniBS. Then next step is new PSU..minimum 550W or 650W antec, seasonic, or corsair will do....Next step well new VGA...7950 minimum to play almost all the games with all the candies on at 1080. If you are satisfied with 720p 7770 will do just fine. And last step new motherboard and CPU...
  5. thanks friends for help.
    but i have a lcd with 1280*1024 resolution.
    tell me what graphic card can i get with 305w PSu
  6. Hd 7750 hands down.
  7. i agree 7750 hands down
  8. Please tell your +12v amperage ratings of your psu.
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