Geforce 9900 vs. ATI HD4850

Hello there!

I'm interested in buying a Nvidia Geforce 9900 GT for 45€. But I also found an ATI HD4850 for 50€.
What would be the best buy?
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  1. hd 4850 is better and a 9900GT doesnt exist -.- you must mean the 9800GT
  2. haider95 said:
    hd 4850 is better and a 9900GT doesnt exist -.- you must mean the 9800GT

    the 9900 gt does exist but its better you choose the hd4850...the performance of the hd 4850 is worth the money spent.
  3. 9900GT does exists, just like 9900GTS and GTX, but they have the GT200 chip, and a friend of mine said that they changed the name to GTS250, and that the power of the 9900 GT is a better than the 9800 GTX. So, in this case, which is better again? lol
  4. Oh yeah? get me a link to a 9900GT then .-.
  6. There's no 9900GT, what's it is, is either, a 9800 gt/GTX or GTX+ or a GTS250.
    But no such card exist.
  7. I would get the HD4850, I have used both a 9800GTX and a 4850. The 4850 is slightly faster than the 9800GTX in my experience, but not by much.
  8. just google 9900 gtx...its more than enough.

    @alpras let me warn you,a simple rebranding of the same chip does yield much better results.better to go for the hd4850
  9. Just believe - 9900 doesn't exist!
  10. I believe in you guys, but I just found it odd that someone is selling such a graph like that... I'll show you the link of the guy:

    There's is only that image, do you guys know that graph?
  11. Sorry to tell you, but it's a 9500gt lol, don't get that.
  12. Yeah, the dude told me now!

    a 4850 it is :P

    Thank you guys!
  13. I have a 9800gt and a 4850 in 2 matching HP 7800s setup in my basement, for when friends come over for "mini lan" parties. They are about the same in most modern games like me3, blops2 or PS2.

    If I were to get a new card I would go for the 4850, it seems to do better with effects and aa.
  14. In that case, i'll buy the 4850. But I still have a question:

    I used to own a (broken) 4850 that, besides being damaged, worked perfectly in my pc with a 420w psu, it never shutted down or something, just a bit more intense noise. But I've read that the 4850 requires at least a 450w... So, should I buy a new psu, even though the graphic card works well in my pc?
  15. The 4850 draws 110 watts
    Chances are you got a core2 duo or an athlon x2. Those draw between 70 and 100 watts.
    Add in 50 for board ram fans and drives and you have a max system draw of around 250-300 watts.

    Your PSU should be fine.
  16. Yeah, I have a Core 2 Duo 2200 2.2Ghz (I'm gonna replace it for a 6300)

    Thank you :)
  17. Can't you pay for a 7750 ? it's just a bit more.
    At least it's new and it's better, with less power consumption.
    You can find one in amazon, really cheap.
  18. Unfortunately, the max price I can give os 60€ (about 70$)... How much does it cost?
  19. ^^^I vote 7750 as well

    about 3 weeks ago, I purchased a sapphire hd4890 vaporx for $35 Aud(only tiny bit more expensive than the usd). Perhaps you should look for similar deals on ebay.
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