How to format my hard drive

I have Windows 95 and my hardrive was partitioned into four. Now I want to format the drive and want to make it into one partition. Just "C" drive only. After that I would like to install Windows 98. I have no idea how to do it. I will appreciate if someone tell me how to do it - if possible in details.
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  1. You can use fdisk to delete and make new partitions.
    Just boot with a boot disk type: C:\fdisk, and delete your current partitions, create a new primary partition and make it 'active'.

    Good luck.

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  2. Many thanks for your response. Do I have to use Partition Magic or can I do it without PM.
  3. You can do it without PM. The format and fdisk MSDOS programs are all you need. fdisk will allow you to delete the partitions and create new ones.

    I've never used PM, but perhaps it may be a little user friendly I don't know.
  4. Many thanks. I have now all the information. This place is a great help to me.
  5. No problem. If you need help using fdisk just do a search on google.

    Here's microsoft's "Howto":
    <A HREF=";EN-US;q255867" target="_new">;EN-US;q255867</A>

    Good luck!
  6. Many thanks
  7. to save a condiserable amount of time after you create the partition and are ready to format use the Q switch to do a quick format the command line will look like this

    A:\ format C: /Q

    (sometimes I really miss dos 6.22)

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  8. No problem. Take er' easy!
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