Nvidia Windows Kernal Mode Display Driver issues

I have been getting some issues with the abovementioned driver. The crashes only seem to occur when I'm running internet explorer and will occur at random sometimes at 10-15 second intervals and sometimes every few minutes. Previous to these crashes I had overclocked my CPU, GPU and RAM (specs at the bottom), my CPU had been OC'd to 4.4 gHz, RAM to 1800 mHz, and the GPU to various overclocks depending on what I was doing, But I reset my mobo bios as I thought this was the problem, but this solved nothing, however I have kept the stock speeds on everything just to make sure.

I've been running 310.70 beta drivers since 4th December with no problems until recently, I tried doing a clean install using the 310.70 WHQL package, however this didn't fix anything. I've also tried reseating my GPU and my RAM, the first time I think reseating the GPU fixed it, however the problem came up again and reseating does nothing now. I have checked the GPU for any cracked caps and I could not see any, and I hadn't ran any overclocks on it for quite some time so I doubt I've damaged it. I'd heard that it could be a problem with my PSU not supplying enough power, however I disproved that by running a 20 minute instance of Furmark and everything was fine (ie no driver crashes).

I'm pretty sure this problem is software, as when it crashes the screen freezes for a couple of seconds but I can still move my mouse cursor around the screen, and as far as I know it only happens when I have internet explorer open, (I'm going to experiment with different browsers, ) and gaming doesn't seem to cause any problems as I can easily play a few hours of CS:GO with no problems.

I am truely lost at what to do now, should I roll my drivers back to a previous one? Does anyone actually know what causes this? Should I just move all my files over to my secondary harddrive then format my computer? That would be a lot of hassle only to find out that it could be a hardware problem.

Fun trivia: My computer crashed about 50 times times trying to write this post.


CPU- Intel i5 3570K @ 3.4 gHz (stock)
GPU- MSI gtx 660 ti Power Edition (factory overclocked)
RAM- 8gb Corsair Vengence 1600 mHz dual channel
MoBo- Asrock z77 Extreme4 m
PSU- OCZ Modextreme 600w
Main Harddrive- Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200rpm (about 500gb left)
CPU Cooler- Zalman cnps11x w/ stock fan
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  1. Asus Sabertooth Z77
    i5 2500k OC'd 4.8Ghz
    EVGA GTX680 SC+2
    8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport
    Corsair TX750M
    Windows 8 64-bit

    Hi buzzpunk,

    I too had this same error with my rig. I re-installed clean drivers and even RMA'd my GPU with EVGA. But this did not solve it...

    Using EVGA Precision X, I noticed a spike in GPU activity before the crash, when the temp of the card reached 77 degrees, . So I made a custom fan profile using Precision X, so that when temperatures reached 75 degrees, the fan speed increased dramatically to keep temps below 75.

    This has FIXED the problem and I haven't had a driver crash since. I dont know why the card spazzed out when it reached 77 degrees... seems a pretty average temp to me. But i guess the card will also last longer keeping it well below 80!
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