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Hello all,

I'm currently building a new system, and multiple monitors is one of the features I'm looking for. I want to run dual monitors that will be used for gaming, and two hdtvs. I will only use the two monitors or either one of the hdtvs at one time. I will not run the monitors and a tv, or both of the tvs at the same time.what's the best way to accomplish this with a $500 graphics card budget? Also i dont want to have to ever unhook and hook cables. Any advice is much appreciated. If it matters my here are my current components.

1050w power supply
Gigabyte ud5h mother board
I7 3770k processor
32 GB ram
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  1. you can choose the hd7970...that would be the best card for your purpose.amd is the best in multi monitors..with this card you would have absolutely on problems in running both monitors and hdtvs at the same time if you so desire.
    it would be easier to setup the displays if you use the daisy chain method and the display port.
  2. Ok thanks for the advice. Some of those have great specs for a not to bad price.
  3. just a humble reminder...try to avoid cards from gigabyte and powercolor.

    good luck.
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