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Newly installed EVGA GTX 670 FTW not turning on

Currently I have a gtx 260. The power reqs are similar to the reqs of a gtx 670. The gtx 260 works great. I installed the EVGA GTX 670 FTW 4 gb into the slot previously occupied by the gtx 260.

Got nothing but a black screen upon boot up.

I opted to connect my monitor into the onboard gfx card in order to see if the pci-e slot even saw the gtx 670. It did not. I put the gtx 260 back in and windows 'sees' the gtx 260.

Now, when the gtx 670 is in the pci-e slot its fan comes on, but then shuts down immediately. It's not a PSU problem (I have a Corsair TX750), because the gtx 260 actually demands more power and it works fine.

My question(s): does anyone have this card? Or a similar one. Did you disable the onboard graphics card through the bios? More to the point, what settings to do you have in the bios? And yes, I updated to the latest bios.


Components of note:

Asus M4A78t-E
Phenom II X4 955
EVGA GTX 670 FTW 4GB (previously had GTX 260)
Corsair TX 750
Hanns G 25" LCD
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  1. Did you connect the 2 6-pin pcie power connector? (Probably a stupid question but just wanted to make sure)

    You might have gotten a bad card. I'd say return it quick
  2. I did, but good question. I used the same 6 pin pcie power connectors that the 260 was using.

    When I first installed the card the gfx card fan came up on full power and stayed on until I shut down the computer. Had a black screen then, as well.

    I've installed at least 8 or so EVGA cards over the past 6 years. Never had a bad card, but maybe my number came up.
  3. I'd RMA it - perhaps even exchange it for cash and buy the 2GB one. (4GB of VRAM does nothing to make the card faster, and only is needed if you game on three monitors at once.)
  4. Darn. I was hoping I wouldn't have to RMA it. I got the card through Amazon, and I have prime membership. Is there a reason to return it to EVGA over Amazon? I would get the replacement back faster through Amazon.
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    Then return it to Amazon
  6. Well, turns out if was the card. I did return it to Amazon, and the new card works just fine. Guess my number just came up.

    Thanks for the help.
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