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I have built a high end gaming rig with 750 watt psu. Sometimes there are electric fluctuations at my home like dimming of lights. One day while playing my pc restarted unexpectedly after a fluctuation. So, are there any chances of components being damaged due to fluctuations. If so, then will i have to buy any UPS or consult an electrician? If UPS is the choice, then which will be best suitable?

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  1. If you can move your computer around you should plug it into an outlet on a different circuit, one not connected to the lights. If not you should buy a ups. If you tell us all your specs we will be able to suggest a ups for you, including monitor and speakers.
  2. This a perfect situation for an uninterruptable power supply. On power dips it will will operate in step up mode and in brief failures it it will power your PC on internal battery.
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