Dual Monitors set-up help !

So im looking at different options for my Pc and I'm thinking of going Dual screen at the moment im using a 23 inch dell monitor - so when i look around people have all the same size monitors but I was seeing if i could get a smaller monitor just to keep chat screens up and other lil bits and bobs , is this possible to use a 23 ich and a 19 inch or does it have to be the same size or the same resolution ?

Sorry for the Basic and noobie questions im just trying to learn the basics.
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  1. i use 19 and 23 screen from different brand :)
  2. You find it ok or Is it abit of hassle ?
  3. nothing wrong with it. 2 identical monitor are for "nice setup" only.
  4. What Gpu are you running this on ?
  5. in one PC, i put 2 diff size monitors on intel HD2000 onboard graphic via DVI + HDMI
    in another PC, i put 2 diff brand monitors on Radeon 4770 via DVI + DVI
  6. You don't need 2 of the same monitors, unless you want it that way for aesthetic reasons... They can even be 2 different resolutions if you really didnt care. Also, it completely depends on what you're going to be doing on the "main" monitor as to what kind of graphics card you'll need... Just doing Microsoft Word/Excel? Web surfing? On board graphics are fine.... Gonna do anything that has to do with higher end video? Just read reviews on where video cards fall in respect to others in a video environment you'll be using and choose one that has 2 outputs. Thats really all there is to it. :)
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