Dual monitor with home theater question

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!

I am running a dual monitor setup, one primary display and the 2nd as a security camera display.

Hopefully you can see my system specs in my sig.

My 4670 outputs into my Pioneer receiver with HDMI for the primary, and the camera display is DVI straight out to the monitor, not through the receiver.

When I'm done watching TV or using my computer, and I turn off the receiver, my 2nd display also turns off.

If I want to be able to see the output from my security camera, I have to leave the receiver on 24/7, which is wasting energy.

I can't find any settings anywhere (CCC, Windows, etc.) that will keep my 2nd monitor running with the receiver turned off.

I know you guys can figure this out, and I'd greatly appreciate your help.

(I'm posting a pic of my setup so you guys have a general idea of what I'm yapping about).


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  1. You need to make the monitor that is staying on 24/7 the primary monitor, the receiver/large screen the secondary. You can power off a secondary monitor, and still use the primary, but no the other way around.
  2. Wow, that never occurred to me. Good idea. Will that affect gaming in any way?
  3. No. The only issue is your primary monitor will have the task bar, the secondary will not.
  4. If you want the task bar on both - here is a program that will allow it:


    They give you a 30 day trial to see if you like it...you can configure two task bars, each with different icons...
  5. Ugh. Well, since I'm not gonna pay to have a second task bar, I'm gonna have to live with leaving my receiver burning all day and night.
  6. Ok, I've given this some thought, and I'm confused about a few things.

    Since my primary monitor is the 73, and it runs through the receiver, it would make sense that it would turn off if the receiver was turned off.

    But my secondary monitor gets it's input directly from the video card (DVI), without passing through the receiver.

    My secondary monitor SHOULDN'T EVEN KNOW if the receiver is on or not.

    This has to be a Windows or Catalyst setting.

    I can't believe that the solution is to put my task bar on a 19" monitor 8 feet away from me and use my big monitor right in front of me without a task bar.

    I just don't accept that answer.

    I've drawn this out to simplify my setup:

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