Server 2008 2nics & Public WIFI

I have Server 2008 and it's working. My office has decided to implement a public wifi option which is obviously segmented from the internal LAN. We do not have any additional IP address to give out on our NIC 1. Here are my settings


NIC 2 - BY ME AND CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO AP)(I'm not sure exactly what settings go here)
is connected directly to an access point that is

DHCP Scope 1 ALL USED (up and working on nic 1)
DHCP Scope 2 OPEN (should effectivly hand out 192 ips on nic 2)
IPv4 is bound to both nic connections.

I'm looking for nic 2 to be 100% blocked from this server. traffic should be connected via wifi and handed directly to the outgoing port and vice versa. please help...
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  1. i found this.. it has to be so close to the solutions
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