New/Rebuild Unstable, wont stay running

I recently rebuilt an old PC for a friend. Its an AMD quad core system with the following specs:

asus m3n78-vm Motherboard
AMD Phenom 9600 AM2+ quadcore
8 gigs of ram
Corsair 550w power supply

This build has been giving me nothing but problems on what used to be a very stable system. The only thing I changed was put it in a new case and re-installed windows. When I first built it, it would hang on boot from the windows DVD. Once I finally got windows installed It would just hang in windows after a couple hours. I re-installed one more time with different media (USB made from ISO) and got a solid install. But now Im having issues with it just "shutting down". I put it in quotes because its not really a shut down, but more of a "Sleep of death" type of deal. Video shuts off, keyboard unresponsive, the only way to fix it is a hard reboot. And after all that it wont reliably post, sometimes you have to let the fans spin for a while, hard reboot, then try again to get it to post. Its like an old car haha.

Ive checked all my connections, tried a different power supply and 3 different video cards. All to no avail. Ive pulled all the ram, and done ram test through linux. Ive ran off liveUSBs with similar issues. Is this build worth continuing to mess with or should I just give up and apologize to my friend?
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  1. Bump! I really need some advice on this guys.
  2. When you say, "All I did" was put it in a new case.... Did you completely disassemble it and put it back together? Is it possible that you damaged something, or put something (RAM for instance) in the wrong slot? Is it possible that something is causing a short? Is it possible that you static shocked something? Honestly, it sounds like the MOBO is kaput.

    Try resetting the cmos. You might need to flash the bios. You might have a, now, bad board. Are there any indicator lights on that board? If so, what are they doing?
  3. woo a reply :P

    No I did not completely disassemble until I started trouble shooting and pulling ram out.

    As far as shorts I checked everywhere, pulled the board again, and everything is clean no shorts.

    I did reset the CMOS and that at least got it to boot, but still hangs and goes into the sleep of death.

    I did find out its still underwarranty so Im starting that mess all though my luck with Asus's RMA dept leaves something to be desired.
  4. Edit: No, probably not a drive, most likely the MOBO.

    Actually, lets go a bit simpler. Have you installed all the drivers for the components since you've re-installed windows?
  5. Sure have, that was the first thing I did when I started having stability issues. Im going to agree with you that this is most likely a mobo issue. Its possible that there was some static or something during the install. its my best guess since everything was fine before I moved it.
  6. My suggestion: Reinstall everything first.

    If that doesn't work, flash bios

    If that doesn't work, RMA MOBO
  7. well, Im on three tries with new windows installs and 1 try with bios. Plan is to RMA tomorrow. THanks for all your help
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