Spend extra $100 on cpu or graphics card?

Hi all,
So I've been planning to make my first custom-made built. I have been planning to get an i5 3570k processor off ebay for around $180-$190 and a Powercolor 7850 2gb video card for around $180. Now, I saw an article over at legitreviews.com (link below) that did various tests using a 7950 with various ranges of cpus and their results seemed to show that it may be better to get a beast graphics card (7950)with a cheaper cpu (g850). I was just curious what other peoples opinions on the matter might be.

Should I stick to my current plan of getting an i5 3570k with the powercolor 7850 2gb or should I get a g-series processor for $100 less and spend the savings on a nice $300 graphics card?

legitreviews link - http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1877/7/

Note: I plan on using the build to play FPSs, MMOs, and simulation games such as Sims3, flight sims, Civ5, etc. I want it to be my main gaming device and not rely on consoles anymore.
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  1. I would stick with 3570k and 7850, its better to have balanced build
    mmos and simulators are cpu intense so yeah dont get a crap processor
  2. I wouldn't go down to a dual core cpu and a higher video card, because you will get bottlenecked at some point. The 3570k is a good overclocking cpu with lots of headroom for any game. Big multiplayer games like BF3 in a full server tend to bottleneck slower and dual core cpus. I would go the 3570k and whatever card you can buy.
  3. Thanks guys, sounds like a pretty sound plan. I knew that having a balanced build is important but that article made me second guess and rethink everything. Thanks for the help!
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