Grapic Card Upgrade...or not?

I have three 580's hydrocopper and was thinking about getting either dual 690's or trip 680's watercooled. Should i go ahead with the upgrade or just wait for the next gen of cards? I always want the best, but don't want to upgrade and 4 months down the road something new is out. Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. Well firstly let me ask what games do you currently play? Also are you running a multiple display setup?

    Reason I ask is two 580's are still in my opinion quite overkill in most scenario's. The new graphic cards will probably start showing up Q'2 I would think of this year I know there is a article showing this somewhere I'll try and find it. Yea I'm looking around people are saying no sooner then March. And also the same from the AMD camp.
  2. This seems like overkill on every level to me. But if you must have the latest and greatest wait until the next gen cards come out.
  3. Without knowing what he's doing with his computer its hard for me to call it overkill just yet but it very well could be. It's best not to judge without having information.
  4. True true. I have only seen a couple people who truly put these types of set-ups to their max though.
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