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PCIE slot compatibility

So decided to upgrade my graphics card and of course run into some problems
My current PC specs are:
Motherboard:Foxconn A6VMX
Ram:Patriot 2x 2gb ram
PSU;Inter tech 500W
video card:nvidia 210()
Seems my motherboard have amd 690G chipset and PCIe 1.0 slot which is not compatible with Pcie 2.1 so I should forget about HD 6670 ugrade which is PCIe 2.1 compatible
So my question is: Is GTX 550 Ti compatible with my current PC (which should because GTX 550 Ti is PCIe 2.0 slot compatible same as nvidia 210)
And last question: Has anyone tried put PCie 3.0 card in Pcie 1.0, is card working fine?
Pardon my English
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  1. Well chances are that a 3.0 card has the same limitations as 2.1 did with 1.0 cards. I found this thread while cross referencing.

    If you would have no issues with a 550Ti that could be a decent option. Also keep in mind there are stronger cards 500 series that are also 2.0 not 2.1 560Ti, 570, and 580.
  2. 2.1 is a AMD thing just to add on top of that.
  3. Yes, all versions of PCI Express x16 are interchangeable. The interface will run at the speed of the slower part, the interface or the card's speed. expect some speed reductions because pci-e 1.0 bandwidth is much more slower than an pci-e 3.0
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    In theory yes it should work. With 2.1 apparently there was compatibility issues for people. However with that being said since 3.0 doesn't have a special .1 revision I'd think it would be safe to try. I guess the better question would a 2.0 card max out a 1.0 slot now bandwidth wise.
  5. Thanks for the replies, never expected that would be so fast :)
    So I guess the safest and most affordable option for me would be gtx 550ti
    I was thinking about getting the gtx 650 since the price was little higher then 550
  6. Here is a link to pricing for the 650 and the 650Ti. I would go with the Ti if you can afford it as the jump is worth it.

    or the Ti if you can manage that
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