Help with i3 -2100 processor - need answer

Okay so I received my replacement i3 processor in the mail and I overlooked iy at first but there are 3 lines of waxy strips on the bottom of the cpu fan. Do I remove those? The first cpu I had burned but I'm not sure it's because of that or the cpu power connector not being in.
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  1. Those strips are the thermal compound that transfers heat from your CPU to the heatsink to keep it cool. I wouldn't recommend removing them unless you plan on replacing them with a thermal compound of your own. Unless you plan on overclocking they will work fine. If your CPU power wasn't plugged in it would cause problems, not really burning out, but it def wouldn't work, so make sure your CPU power is plugged in.
  2. those 3 lines is pre applied thermal paste its designed so you dont have to apply thermal paste to the cooler and just install it on the processor. if you remove the heatsink after that one time you have to clean both surfaces and apply thermal paste yourself

    thermal paste is mean to aid heat transfer from the cpu to the heatsink
  3. So anyone know why a cpu fan wouldn't work?
  4. Leave that stuff on there.

    Watch that please.
  5. technub said:
    So anyone know why a cpu fan wouldn't work?

    If it is plugged in, maybe its bad, try a couple of the different fan ports on your motherboard to be sure. If not, you can always pick one up at your local Computer store for less than 10 bucks.
  6. Okay the fan works in the system fan ports. I'm guessing the cpu fan port is bad. Is it okay if I leave it attached or does it need the cpu fan?
  7. If you run the computer without the CPU heatsink fan it will fry in about a minute or so.
  8. You should not use the heatsink fan connected to the system fan connector because the motherboard sets the cpu fan speed depending on the heat of the CPU. This cannot happen if you have it connected somewhere else.

    Get a new motherboard.
  9. Okay so I'm returning the motherboard it seems
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