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Hey guys I'm running two 6950's. I was wondering, what would be better. Keep running these two guys or pick up a 7970? I was thinking of trading or just selling them somewhere then pick myself up a 7970 if it's better. I definitely like the new looks of the 7970's and the overall 7000's serious. So should I sell/trade them, stick with them until they just go, seeing as I should stick with my card until it's out of date, or pick up a 7970? Or some kind of GTX card. Or... Wait for the 8xxx series?

My main question, stick with my cards or leave them?
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    My brother traded his 2 6950's for a 7970, and he saw a pretty significant gain. But his mobo was not meant to crossfire and he was using his second 6950 in a 2.0x1 slot. It will probably be a lateral upgrade, maybe a minor downgrade. I would only do it if you want to see a decrease in your energy bill.
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