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I just sent my Toshiba P750 in for repair, and toshiba replaced the main board (due to a ethernet jack problem, nothing related to my current dilemma), and now my laptop only recognizes that I have the integrated Intel HD graphics, no GT 540M. I uninstalled the drivers for the Intel and the old drivers for the Nvidia and attempted a reinstall (using 310.07 from the Nvidia website), got an error saying I had no compatible hardware. I checked using CPU-ID, it also says I only have the Intel graphics. I attempted to check in the toshiba bios, but I could not even find where the graphics data was displayed in the Bios. Any advice?

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  1. Looks like this isn't a software or drivers problem. Since they replaced the board they probably forgot to reinstall or reconnect your nvidia card. Send it back to Toshiba for repair.

    Unfortunately, Toshiba have poor service. It reminds me a colleague who was plagued with problems on his work laptop. He had to replace the motherboard several times (we had onsite support fortunately). But the Toshiba technician had to come back at least 5 or 6 times, either to replace the board again or because he forgot to plug back something during the repair and we realized it afterwards.

    And finally, with a laptop you should avoid downloading drivers directly from nvidia or ATI. If you want stability and compatibility get the drivers from your manufacturer instead (in this case the Toshiba website).
  2. On the graphics driver, I meant 310.70, not 310.07.
  3. I opened it up and the GPU is there (the motherboard is of the dual heat sink variety) and for all appearances there is an actual GPU under the heat sink (although I did not remove it as I didn't have any thermal pads on hand). Since the GPU is fully integrated into the board is seems unlikely the GPU could be defective but every other thing work flawlessly. Hence, it seems it is some sort of software problem, and as MC_K7 mentioned, toshiba's tech support's phone support is roughly equivalent to asking a brick wall to assist with my computer repair. Lastly, I could not locate a toshiba specific driver, and prior to this repair I updated the drivers with the nvidia generics. If someone knows where the toshiba drivers are, that would be great. I have a P750, as I said, part number PSAY3U-0RP04D.

    Any more thoughts on what could be wrong?

    EDIT: I found the toshiba drivers. I'll post the results in a sec. Thanks.

    EDIT: Same error. No compatible hardware found, still not in Device Manager.
  4. So, thus far, I have tried the toshiba drivers, the Nvidia drivers, I did a clean uninstall of the Nvidia drivers, and my BIOS is up to date. Anything else I should try before asking the brick wall known as tech support?
  5. I just ran SIW and got this:

    GF108 [GeForce GT 540M]
    Status Disabled
    Vendor NVIDIA Corporation
    Windows Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M
    Class Name Display
    Bus / Device / Function 01 / 00 / 00
    Bus Type PCI
    Sub System Device Vendor Toshiba America Info Systems
    Sub System Device Name GeForce GT 540M

    Any idea how to "enable" it? I tried the "detect hardware" in device manager, nothing.
  6. Heres a manual that i MADE for this kind of problem , i had the same problem so
    i wanna share this manual , its a powerpoint with solutions and programs

    i hope this helps :)

    NVIDIA Solucion Manual DRIVER [EN] (46 Mb)
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