Home built Pc not switching on.

Hi, on friday my pc switched itself off and wouldnt come back on so I came to these forums for help . I was told my power supply had gone. Today I received my new power supply and it still wont turn on. When I have all the power cables plugged into the gpu the pc wont switch on but if I take one or both the power cables out the gpu the pc lights up and the gpu fans spin at 100%. My gpu was only bought in january and it cost £250 surely it cant be broken? It hasn't been over clocked in fact I had the clocks turned down as I only play football manager.

My pc specs are:

Msi Twin Frozr III 7950 3gb
Gigabyte 990xa-ud3 motherboard
Kingston Hyper X DDR3 RAM
Seagate hard drive
AMD FX6100 cpu

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Does the computer run with your video card completely removed? Which power supply did you purchase?
  2. I dont have on board graphics to see if its putting anything onto the monitor but the pc comes on and the fans light up. I bought a xfx pro series 750w psu
  3. Try moving the video card to a different PCI slot and see if it fires up.
  4. Nooe its still dead untill I take one of the power cables out the gpu.
  5. Seems to me like you either have an issue with the power supply or the video card. Considering you've just replaced your power supply with one that should handle that card no problem, I'm leaning towards a hardware issue with your video card. If you just purchased it, is it still under warranty? I'd get into contact with whomever sold you the card.
  6. I bought the graphics card on january 10th 2013 and ive emailed the company I bought it from asking how I can return it.
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