Vision Engine Crash after CrossfireX

Hello all, and thanks for any help I can get on this.

I've been reading solutions on Toms hardware for a long while now, and I finally need to ask my own question.

I bought my wife a new HP laptop for Christmas, a G7 with dual 7670m cards (I believe)

It has an A8 4500m processor with 7670M + 7670M graphics showing in Display adaptors.

I was in Vision Engine, setting up the High Performance and Low Power settings for various programs, and for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I selected 1v1 Optimize, which would have enabled Crossfire, as I understand things. I saved the profile and boom,

Vision Engine has Crashed
Vision Engine Host Application has stopped working.

I've rebooted, rebooted in safe mode, uninstalled the Vision Engine, updated to AMD's current release (as opposed to HP driver package),

Uninstalled the display drivers and Vision Engine, reinstalled from the AMD 12.10 release, the 12.11 beta release, the HP OEM release.

I've tried the "Hide/Unhide the User folder" trick that used to solve this. I've uninstalled all individual factors of the AMD driver package, but I never hit the "Remove all AMD drivers" option, because this machine has an AMD CPU, not just a graphics card.

Is there a way to install the Vision Engine (CCC) and not have it crash immediately? Will dual graphics work without Vision Engine managing them?

Also, one 7670m is part of the APU, the other is discrete. Can this still work as a CrossfireX setup, or will this make them dual graphics and not Crossfire?

And, does it matter? If both cards are working then is the effect the same?


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  1. bump to the top.

    I'm really out of ideas on this one, guys.
  2. the idea of vision itself is to support crossfire and install the latest drivers for amd site after a complete driver sweep.

    also ensure that you update windows completely including .net framework and visual c++

    don't forget to install the CAP available at amd site itself
  3. I have the latest drivers installed and have done a complete wipe a few times, both with the AMD drivers and the HP-specific drivers. on both occassions I re-install the vision engine along with the drivers. I also install the newest CAP update.

    on both re-installs from AMD and re-installs from the HP driver pack (that includes vision engine as well), the Vision engine crashes upon launch, with an error message stating:

    "Host application has stopped working"
  4. update your bios and reset memory timings if you have made any changes to to it
  5. Thanks, I'll try that tonight.
  6. CaseyP said:
    bump to the top.

    I'm really out of ideas on this one, guys.


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