Problem is costing me a fortune.

Hi guys. Can anybody please help me with this problem:
I have built a new system. Gigabyte P55 motherboard, i5 processor, 4 gigs GSkill 1600 ram, single 500 gig HD, 1 DVD, Corsair 550w power supply, Powercolor 5670 graphics and Windows 7 32 bit.
System worked but I got the same problem as other people with the vertical stripe crash screen at various times plus the "your graphic card failed but has recovered" message.
OK I thought, I will get an average graphics card for the time being while Ati sort out the aforementioned problem.
I went out today and bought a Geforce 210.
Now a new problem has appeared - I get a screen freeze after 30 secs to 2 mins which requires a power off.
However, if I run the card on low 800 x 600 setting, it works fine.
As soon as I raise the resolution, I get the freeze up.
I've done the following - flashed the bios to the latest, removed one of the memory sticks, downloaded all of the latest drivers for everything, used the vga output instead of the dvi.
I don't want to have to start replacing more components to see if it works.
Any knowledgeable people have any suggestions?
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  1. Forgot to mention the motherboard is a Gigabyte P55 UD2.
  2. you haven't said which monitor you have, I was running a 19" wide screen with a 8800GS and went to a 22" and had the flashing screen at the desktop, that would go away if I reuced the the resulution, although the 5670 may be bad, the 210 is a entry level card, and if you run a high resolution, it could overwhelm the card
  3. My monitor is a plain old 19" not even widescreen.
    I'm only trying to raise the resolution to 1280 x 1024.
    Thanks, Mike.
  4. from what it looks like you are having the same issues as alot of other people with the 5 series cards... they are workin on a fix for that, but as far as the 2nd issue is concerned i bet u are having overlaping driver issues. did u completely remove all the ati drivers before u did the nvidia install?
  5. Yes I did a safe mode driver sweeper and took out all of the ati drivers.
    Never mind, I am running the computer on native Windows vga drivers with no problems until Ati fix the issue (hotfix expected February 10th).
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