Speed slow through second router

I've read the sticky on setting up multiple routers and I'm still stuck..

Ok, So here it goes:

I have two routers set up. It goes from the modem through a WRT54G2 to a WNR2000. I have one pc connected to the WRT54G2 that gets 20Mbps and another connected to the WNR2000 thats only getting 5Mbps. I realized recently I have them connected to each other wrong. Or so I assume. I have the fourth port on the WRT54G2 connected to the internet port on the WNR2000 and it's set to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" and "DHCP Server" is enabled. From what I read one or both of those is supposed to be set to manual. I just need to know where to start I guess. Please help?! Thanks
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  1. Problem solved. I am using a XE102 Powerline Ethernet Adapter from Netgear and its limitation is 11Mbps. I'll run a wire tomorrow. figured I'd post this in case anyone has the same issue
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